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Full bore fittings in techno polymer

Manufacturer Valsir

Full bore fittings in techno polymer.
Pexal Easy® is an advanced fittings system in technopolymer (PPSU) for water supply, heating, cooling and refrigerating systems, as well as being the ideal solution for compressed air systems and industrial installations in general.
It is used with the Pexal® pipe and guarantees an increase of 30% in bore as compared with normal compression or press fittings. The fittings can be re-used and installation times are reduced to a minimum.

Further details

Pexal easy ®,its strong points
Full bore
Reduced pressure loss thanks to the full bore.

Rapid installation
Easy and rapid installation.
Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance to the most common substances dissolved in water.

Can be removed and re-used
All the fittings can be removed and re-used.

Corrosion resistant
Total absence of oxidation and corrosion.

Ideal for transporting drinking water
Certification for transporting drinking water.

Wide range
Range of diameters from 14 to 75 mm.

Ideal to treatments against legionella
Excellent resistance to treatments against legionella.
Socketing and full bore
The socketing process of the pipe involves the use of a special tool that widens the pipe diameter.
This operation can only be performed on the Pexal® pipes produced by Valsir in that only a particular ratio between the thickness of the materials that make up the multilayer pipe (crosslinked polyethylene, adhesive and aluminium)
and a high quality standard allow for expansion from the inside of the pipe without compromising the mechanical and physical characteristics of the pipe.
Thanks to the socketing process, the Pexal Easy® system ensures a full bore and a significant reduction in pressure loss.
Socketing connection: makes it impossible for the pipe to come away from the fitting
Pexal Easy® is an advanced system that involves the use of fittings entirely made of technopolymer which, thanks to the type of connection made by socketing the pipe, makes it impossible for the pipe to come away from the fitting.
Unlike other systems, with Pexal Easy® there is no reduction in the bore caused by the fitting insert which means that pressure loss is greatly reduced, by an average of 30%.


Full bore fittings in techno polymer PEXAL EASY - Valsir

Full bore fittings in techno polymer PEXAL EASY - Valsir
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