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Washable vinyl wallpaper

Manufacturer GLAMORA

An Illustrated Life Collection
AN ILLUSTRATED LIFE - Emiliano Ponzi is considered one the leading contemporary Italian illustrators. His illustrations are pared down, made up of large fields of colour and some details which together build the power of meaning the image aims to convey. His clients include: New York Times, Le Monde, Sport Illustrated and American Express.

BEFORE YOU GO by Glamora is a washable vinyl wallpaper.

Further details

Glamora wallcoverings are printed using environmentally friendly, odourless inks on innovative print bases which are designed to be tolerant for usage as well as resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, they are fireproof, shock resistant and washable.
We have devised two types of texture that are impressive visually as well as enhancing the touch and feel of the fabric. This is a choice of style that gives your design a feeling of depth and complemented by the surface detail.
Texture types: Silk (smooth), Fibra (rough).
Walls must be clean, dry, and free of cracks, dust, grease and any other impurities.
Glamora Wallcoverings remain dry and should be hanged vertically on the pre-pasted wall, paying attention to carefully align the pattern at eye-level.
Glue will be delivered together with the rolls.
The width of each strip measures 50 cm.
All strips are marked with a number (eg: strip 1/7, strip 2/7, etc.), beginning from the left-hand side.
A complete view of the design will be attached to the delivery.
Your wallcoverings will have an excess of a 5 cm bleed (extra image area) around the entire design, to accommodate irregular walls. After installation, you will need to trim out the bleed for a perfect fit.

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Washable vinyl wallpaper BEFORE YOU GO - GLAMORA
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