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Satin glass furniture foil

Manufacturer OmniDecor®

DecorFlou® BiFlou Classic collection
To get a better light diffusion and a consistent aspect on both sides of the sheet, OmniDecor developed BiFlou, the glass with acid etching treatment on both sides. This solution enhances the emotions and eliminates the need to choose the “preferred side” that the etching on one side only may impose.
Extreme brightness and purity of colour for an exclusive product.

Float glass etched on both sides
High light transmission; anti- fingerprint and scratch-proof on the etched side; inalterability of the etched surface; durability
Very high
Bronze, Clear, Low Iron,Grey
Doors , Showers ,Kitchen , Furniture ,Facades & Balustrades ,Contract

Further details

Available colors
product description
glass sheets, acid etched on both surfaces, with high transmission of light, and with a smooth touch of the etched sides
anti–fingerprint and anti-scratch surface

raw material
float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant

available thicknesses (in mm)

available sheet sizes (in cm and inches)
clear, extraclear
200/225/240/255/600 x 321 - 78’/88’/94’/100’/236’ x 126’ (da 3 a 15 mm)
180 x 321 - 70’ x 126’ (4/5/6 mm)
225/240/255/600 x 321 - 88’/94’/100’/236’ x 126’ (19 mm)
225/240/255/260/600 x 321 - 88’/94’/100’/102’/236’ x 126’ (3+3/4+4/5+5 mm)
more sizes and thicknesses on request
grey, bronze
225/255/600 x 321 - 88’/100’/236’ x 126’ (da 3 a 10 mm)

weight (in kg/sqm)
2.5kg/m2 per per 1 mm thickness

corrosion resistance
UNI ISO 9227/93 compliant

glass processing info
all mechanical processing allowedallowed
lamination process not allowed
tempering process allowed
bending process allowed

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Satin glass furniture foil DECORFLOU® BIFLOU - OmniDecor®

Satin glass furniture foil DECORFLOU® BIFLOU - OmniDecor®
OmniDecor at Glasstec 2016
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