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Satin glass door

Manufacturer OmniDecor®

DecorFlou® Reflecting
A glass with both sides vivid and expressive: one side reflective, the other etched and elegant. DecorFlou Reflecting adapts to many applications for furniture and for partition purposes, with a special touch given by partial reflection on one of the two sides.

Float glass semi- reflective on one side and etched on the other
Good light transmission; anti- fingerprint and scratch-proof on the etched side; inalterability of the etched surface; durability; slight mirror effect on reflective side
Dark Bronze, Clear, Grey
Doors , Kitchen ,Furniture , Contract

Further details

Available colors
product description
glass sheets acid etched on face 1 and reflective on face 2, with light mirrored effect and good light transmission
anti–fingerprint and anti-scratch for the etched side

raw material
float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant

available thicknesses (in mm)
clear 4/5/6/8/10
grey 5/6/8 mm
dark bronze 4/5/6 mm
laminated (option thicknesses) available

available sheet sizes (in cm and inches)
225/240/255/600 x 321 - 88’/94’/100’/236’x126’

weight (in kg/sqm)
2.5kg/m2 per per 1 mm thickness

glass processing info
all mechanical processing allowed
tempering process allowed
bending process allowed
lamination process allowed

decorflou design patterns (one-side only) available for the etched surface

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Satin glass door DECORFLOU® REFLECTING - OmniDecor®

Satin glass door DECORFLOU® REFLECTING - OmniDecor®
OmniDecor at Glasstec 2016
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