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Glass wall shelf

Manufacturer OmniDecor®

SolidLight was born from the growing demand for products able to give a physical, tangible and even more scenographic appearance to light installations.
The exclusive surface treatment, regularly patterned with small dots, traps the light beam from the LED source and distributes it evenly all over the thickness of the panel. SolidLight appears as common transparent glass, whereas it is actually a material with a strong technological content, whose applications are still to be discovered and experimented. SolidLight can be used for indoor and outdoor scenographic installations or for any other architectural application where light is protagonist. In particular, an impressive visual impact can be obtained using multicolour LED technology.

Low-iron float glass with surface treatment that ensures uniform transmission of light from the LED source across the entire surface of the panel
Durable flat surface, perfectly illuminated with LEDs on, completely transparent with LEDs off
Partial with LEDs on / none with LEDs off
Low Iron
Showers , Kitchen ,Furniture , Facades & Balustrades , Stairs & Floors , Contract ,Lighting

Further details

Available finishing, colors and layout
note about the color
the glass must be low-iron
by internal light trasmission, will be possible to have all the colors of the RGB technology

product description
low iron glass sheets, with a special pattern on face 1 that allows the light transmission on the surface and in the thickness of the glass (led only) the led light source must be along the side with the smaller dots, and in contact with one of the polished edges

raw material
float glass UNI EN 572-2 compliant

available thicknesses (in mm) 6/8/10

available sheet sizes (in cm and inches)
225x321 - 88’x126’
two different layouts available (dots size changes from smaller to bigger)
layout “A”: this layout “divides” the glass sheet in two parts of approximately 110x321cm (43’x126’),
and allows to get panels of submultiple sizes the smaller dots are along the 321cm (126’) side
layout “B”: this layout “divides” the glass sheet in three parts of approximately 106x225cm (42’x126’),
and allows to get panels of submultiple sizes the smaller dots are along the 225cm (88’) side

weight (in kg/sqm) 2.5 kg/m2 per per 1 mm thickness

glass processing info allowed
all mechanical processing
tempering process
bending process
lamination process

SolidLight is covered by an international patent

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Glass wall shelf SOLIDLIGHT - OmniDecor®

Glass wall shelf SOLIDLIGHT - OmniDecor®
OmniDecor at Glasstec 2016
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