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Washable water-based paint

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

PAINTOP is an external wall emulsion based on acrylic resins and silica components, highly effective in covering and masking imperfections in the support.
The acrylic resin component provides the product with high washability and resistance to the alkaline environment typical of cement supports and mortars in general.
Surfaces painted with PAINTOP assume an opaque aesthetic aspect.
The paint system consisting of ISOMARC and PAINTOP according to the Kunzle theory, provides protection to the construction with it’s high capacity to absorb capillary water. W les than 0.5 kg/m² h0.5 and resistance to the diffusion of steam Sd below 2 m .
Washable water-based paint PAINTOP - Colorificio San Marco

Washable water-based paint PAINTOP - Colorificio San Marco
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