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Alfa PTK

Hinged wooden door

Manufacturer UNIONporte

Alfa Collection
All doors in the collection ALFA can be realised in various models with wood, glass, and metal inserts, using visible or completely invisible frames, and different construction types, as hinged, sliding, pocket sliding, folding. Please refer to the collection page, catalogue or contact us. 

Lively and modern city, architectural spaces of the latest trends. Functional interiors, furnished in a fashionable way. ALFA collection emphasizes aspiration for innovations and exquisiteness at the same time.

Specification and advantages:  

   ·         Reinforced ROYAL door leaf

   ·         Invisible hinges, 180° opening

   ·         Height up to 240 cm

   ·         Reversibility – the side of the opening of the door (L or R) can be chosen while installation or afterwards

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Hinged wooden door Alfa PTK - UNIONporte
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