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Cement-based glue

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

COLBETON is a powdered adhesive, based on cements, selected mineral components, specific additives and resins, to fix polystyrene panels and decorative elements.
COLBETON is indicated for the construction of coat thermal system, ideal both for gluing and later stabilisation. COLBETON may also be used in smoothing where the netting is buried, to smooth surfaces with shrinkage.
COLBETON delivers optimal adhesions to both new foundations and old finishes. The particular composition gives the product good transpiration and water proofing.
Easy to apply, non-drip and no sag, thanks to its thick consistency, this product is ideal for thick application without shrinkage cracks.
Cement-based glue COLBETON - Colorificio San Marco

Cement-based glue COLBETON - Colorificio San Marco
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