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Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Unimarc Line
UNIMARC MAIUS SATINATO, indoor water dilutable top coat, specific for protecting and decorating rooms where food products for human consumption are made, handled, stored and consumed.
Suitable for applications on ceilings and walls that cannot be reached during normal cleaning operations, of rooms in an industrial setting as well as hotels, restaurants, bakeries, cafeteries and similar indoor locations.
UNIMARC MAIUS SATINATO produces a finish with low dirt retention, high coverage, good breathability, excellent resistance to washing, scrubbing and disinfecting, with no odors emitted. Inhibits the formation of mold.
UNIMARC MAIUS SATINATO complies with Legislative Decree N. 155 dated 26 May 1997, which implements the Directive 93/43/EEC and 96/3/EEC on the topic of “proper hygiene practices in the food industry”. 
The L.D. does not require the use of products in compliance with UNI standards 11021:2002 for painting rooms where prepackaged food products are stored or handled.
Enamel UNIMARC MAIUS SATINATO - Colorificio San Marco

Enamel UNIMARC MAIUS SATINATO - Colorificio San Marco
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