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Wood treatment

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marconol Line
MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO is a product suitable for impregnating and protecting wood.
It features a high throwing power required for outdoor resistance and to protect the wood against pollutants, even in harsh environmental conditions, remaining unaltered despite the natural structural variations of the wood.
MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO’s special composition enables filling and water-resistant finishes to be obtained since it forms a microporous film which easily permits the passage of water vapour; the treated wood maintains the natural hygrometric balance intact, preventing the problem of scaling from arising, typical of traditional synthetic wood varnishes, thus the product lends itself to ease of maintenance.
MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO contains special additives which absorb ultraviolet light, and is coloured with clear pigments which colour the wood without concealing the grain.
Wood treatment MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO - Colorificio San Marco

Wood treatment MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO - Colorificio San Marco
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