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Wood treatment

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marconol Line
MARCONOL GEL is a clear finish to effect waxed suitable for the impregnation and preservation of wood.
Designed with a non-drip thixotropic structure to facilitate the applications that overhead (ceiling, beams) or in difficult positions.
The content in oils of natural origin and related substances with lignin makes an excellent and natural penetration and adhesion to the substrate without altering the natural appearance of the wood.
Water repellent, MARCONOL GEL protects the wood from atmospheric agents and pollutants, even under severe conditions, remaining unaltered despite the normal structural variations of the wood.
Microporous, maintains the natural equilibrium humidity of the wood, thus avoiding the inconvenience of the present flaking of traditional synthetic paints, thus lending itself to easy maintenance.
MARCONOL GEL contains special additives absorbers of ultraviolet rays and is colored with transparent pigments that do not mask the wood grain.
Finishing MARCONOL GEL is protected by fungi surface and the blooming phenomena.
Wood treatment MARCONOL GEL - Colorificio San Marco

Wood treatment MARCONOL GEL - Colorificio San Marco
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