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Wood treatment

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marconol Line
MARCONOL IMPREGNANTE is a product used to impregnate woodwork. It features a high throwing power required for outdoor resistance and to protect the wood against pollutants, even in harsh environmental conditions, remaining unaltered despite the natural structural variations of the wood.
MARCONOL IMPREGNANTE is available in a range of clear colours obtained by means of micronized mineral pigments, which protect the wood against ultraviolet light and leave the original grain visible, bringing its original colour back to life.
In order to increase filling power, and in the case of exposure to particularly harsh conditions, it is advisable to paint over a coat of MARCONOL EFFETTO CERATO series 863.
Wood treatment MARCONOL IMPREGNANTE - Colorificio San Marco

Wood treatment MARCONOL IMPREGNANTE - Colorificio San Marco
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