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Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Fumex Line
FUMEX 1 PRIMER is the white medium-coverage bonding agent, specifically formulated for pretreating walls stained with nicotine, coffee, cooking grease (frying oil), wine, magic marker, pen ink, soot, etc., before painting with FUMEX 2 FINITURA.
Easy to spread and fast-drying, FUMEX 1 PRIMER is able to absorb the stain components without allowing them to appear on the surface.
For its ease of use, excellent adherence, high washing resistance and rapid application, FUMEX 1 PRIMER/ FUMEX 2 FINITURA is especially suitable for painting public buildings, bars, pizzerias, etc., especially on those surfaces most subject to dirt deposits (i.e., near the espresso machine, furnace, radiators, etc.).
Painting over with water-based non-specific paint does not ensure effective and complete stain coverage.
Primer FUMEX 1 PRIMER - Colorificio San Marco

Primer FUMEX 1 PRIMER - Colorificio San Marco
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