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Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

COLORFIS is a high-penetration water-based sealer indicated for the priming and insulation of interior and exterior walls, and is ideal as a covering substrate for water-based paints, especially for strong colours.
The special nanotechnology based binders allow the product to remain clear when wet, but its hiding properties become apparent once it dries. 
This product highlights the presence of any residual moisture from the support not attaining coverage. 
COLORFIS improves cohesion and evens the surface absorption, creating the ideal base for successive coats.
The product can be easily tinted by means of the tinting system; the use of tinted COLORFIS allows you to obtain excellent coverage when painting over brightly and strongly coloured washable paints.
Primer COLORFIS - Colorificio San Marco

Primer COLORFIS - Colorificio San Marco
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