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Wooden triple glazed window

Manufacturer Alpilegno

A window that blends excellent performance levels with a variety of aesthetic designs: thickness of 104 mm, triple glazing and FOUR seals.
The structure of this window is made up of two types of wood. These are mechanically joined for an easily customized product thanks to the option of using various types of wood for the interior and exterior. Different wood types and stains are available for special applications.

Air permeability: Class 4
Watertightness test method A - not protected: E750/E900
Load bearing capacity of safety devices: 350 N
Frame Section 92 x 99 mm - Leaf section 104 x 88 mm
Number of seals: 4
Number of leafs: 2
Window - Dimensions: all
Acoustic insulation “Rw” = 36 dB
Overall thermal transmittance of window Uw with thermal transmittance of glass Ug = 0.60
W/m2K - soft wood: 0.91
Resistance to wind load:
- test pressure: 5
- deformation of frame: C

Alpilegno Catalogues

Wooden triple glazed window PERFORMANCE 104 - Alpilegno

Wooden triple glazed window PERFORMANCE 104 - Alpilegno
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