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Wooden lift and slide window

Manufacturer Alpilegno

Imago brings the view in to the room. It increases space thanks to its minimalist design, blending outdoors with indoors.
It enhances all options for interior design. It guarantees thermal insulation, resistance to atmospheric agents and burglar-proof security.
The uprights and transoms of the fixed leaf virtually blend in with the adjacent walls, with less than 2 cm of frame in visible wood, giving more visual space, large glazed surfaces, and infinite options in architectural design.
The thickness of the frame of 184 mm and the sliding leaf of 80 mm enable the use of double glazing to guarantee improved thermal insulation.
The Climatech threshold affords impressive thermal performance.
Available in wood or wood-aluminium versions, also with the “Zero” system.

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Wooden lift and slide window IMAGO - Alpilegno

Wooden lift and slide window IMAGO - Alpilegno
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