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Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marcotech Line
High quality water-based enamel in an aqueous dispersion of acrylic-urethane resin and coloured pigments with good light fastness and resistance to yellowing. 
It can be used to create lacquered finishes and it is particularly recommended for doors, shutters and frames, thanks to its:
-High surface hardness, resistance to abrasion and scratch..
-Low contact sensitivity to greasy substances (creams, skin grease and oils). Dirt and oil do not penetrate the enamel’s film, which remains intact over time.
-Absence of blocking.
-Easy to apply, due to its excellent applicational properties such as good filling and flow, which can provide quality and high performance finishes.
For interior and protected exterior applications. Ideal for properly prepared wood, plastic and metal substrates.
Enamel MARCOTECH AU40 - Colorificio San Marco

Enamel MARCOTECH AU40 - Colorificio San Marco
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