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Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Unimarc Line
UNIMARC SMALTO SETA is a high-quality waterborne product, based on acrylic resins in aqueouse dispersion and light high stability colouring pigments.
The acrylic resins making up the product give it excellent outdoor resistance, a good degree of light fastness and good filling power, dilatation and adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.
UNIMARC SMALTO SETA does not contain any substances which damage health, it is odourless and not flammable, consequently proving particularly suitable for applications in rooms with little ventilation.
Like all the products of the UNIMARC line, it proves easy to apply and fast drying times.
UNIMARC SMALTO SETA is suitable for creating high-quality finishes on exterior and interior surfaces made from iron, galvanized sheeting, light alloys, woodwork, plastic and interior wall surfaces.
Enamel UNIMARC SMALTO SETA - Colorificio San Marco

Enamel UNIMARC SMALTO SETA - Colorificio San Marco
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