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FRP composite

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

NANOREP 10 is a silane and siloxanic based micro dispersion which is suitable for the consolidation and rendering hydrophobic of mineral supports and stony materials.
The product’s special physical structure allows good penetration on different supports, with a good consolidating effect without significantly varying the porosity of the materials.
NANOREP 10 penetrates the support, drastically reduces the surface’s water absorption and keeps the breathability and original appearance of the treated support unchanged. 
NANOREP 10 prevents both progressive crumbling of the building material caused by the alternation of freezing and thawing, and the formation of anti-aesthetic whitish patches caused by salts which are soluble in water extracted from the walls.
FRP composite NANOREP 10 - Colorificio San Marco

FRP composite NANOREP 10 - Colorificio San Marco
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