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FRP composite

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

SILETIL 100 is an ethyl silicate based monocomponent consolidant, which is compatible with various building materials. 
SILETIL 100 is a high penetration product. When applied, the ethyl ester of silicic acid reacts with the humidity present in the pores of the material by forming a silica gel, which binds with the particles of support and restores the artefact’s strength properties. The reaction time is approximately two weeks.
SILETIL 100 restores the mechanical properties of materials without altering the breathability of the support. From a visual point of view, the treated surface does not usually change.
Can be recoat with water-repellents.
FRP composite SILETIL 100 - Colorificio San Marco

FRP composite SILETIL 100 - Colorificio San Marco
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