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Protective varnish

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

FACCIAVISTA PRO is a polisiloxane-based product with high surface penetration and consolidating power, which protects and protects varying types of mineral-based surfaces from crumbling.
FACCIAVISTA PRO prevents both the progressive crumbling of the construction material, provoked by an alternation of freezing and thawing, and the formation of ugly white patches caused by the water-soluble salts appearing on the surface.
As a result of its chemical formula, FACCIAVISTA PRO does not alter the look of the surface, nor its breathability; reacting with the mineral components, it creates a hydrophobic area which does not permit the absorption of water and consequent leaching of salts and efflorescence.
Protective varnish FACCIAVISTA PRO - Colorificio San Marco

Protective varnish FACCIAVISTA PRO - Colorificio San Marco
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