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Smoothing compound

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Elastomarc Line
ELASTOMARC STUCCO is levelling putty with high elasticity and filling capacity.
The presence of hollow glass inert micro spheres of low density give it anti shrinking properties, including for high thicknesses.
Its good fluidity makes it easy to apply. It is fast drying, and for cracks with dynamic stress it can cover the specific retention mesh provided. 
ELASTOMARC STUCCO can be used for localised work on cracks with low dynamic stress, which can subsequently be covered with conventional products. For restoration with high crack bridging it is advised to use ELASTOMARC elastomeric system.
ELASTOMARC STUCCO should not be used for structures which are in constant contact with water.
Smoothing compound ELASTOMARC STUCCO - Colorificio San Marco

Smoothing compound ELASTOMARC STUCCO - Colorificio San Marco
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