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Silicate paint

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marcosil Line
MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA is a protective modified potassium silicate-base mineral coating, suitable for the protection and decoration of exterior walls.
The inorganic binder used in the formulation of the silicate-based mortar reacts chemically with the mineral surfaces via a process called "silicatization", ensuring perfect adhesion to the surface.
MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA has a high degree of permeability to water vapour, whilst maintaining unchanged the breathability of the surface; special hydrophobic substances in the product render the coating impermeable to water.
MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA is particularly suited to the protection of old mortar and for the restoration of historic town centres, in that it permits a pleasant aesthetic effect full of soft shadows.
MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA conforms to the dispositions of DIN 18363.
Silicate paint MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA - Colorificio San Marco

Silicate paint MARCOSIL PITTURA LISCIA - Colorificio San Marco
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