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Silicate paint

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Marcosil Line
MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO is a mineral-based paint containing modified potassium silicate formulated to protect and decorate outdoor wall surfaces.
The inorganic binder in MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO chemically reacts with mineral bases in a process referred to as “silicatisation” to guarantee proper adhesion to the base.
MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO provides high filling and masking power. It also gives the base an excellent ability to breathe, and special water repellent substances present in the product repel water and prevent it from being absorbed.
MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO is particularly well suited to protection of old plaster and restoration of old buildings, as it produces a pleasant appearance rich in soft shadows. 
MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO complies with DIN 18363 specifications.
Silicate paint MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO - Colorificio San Marco

Silicate paint MARCOSIL RIEMPITIVO - Colorificio San Marco
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