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Wooden boiserie / storage wall

Manufacturer Domus Arte

biO CHIC - Domus Arte’s philosophy fuses ancient traditions and new tendencies in the wide furniture trade, orienting and focusing her cares on the customers, and in particular on the quality of his life. Each item is made of 100% solid oak. We take great care in using only natural products for the realisation of Domus Arte furniture. Water based varnishes, Gomme laque, Bees wax, Cereal and citrus oils, natural colour pigments; all these products are non-polluting substances. We are against the use of any toxic solvent. We believe in renewable material and energy. All our oak comes from well managed forests. We are against deforestation.

System equipped walls and paneling. 

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Wooden boiserie / storage wall LIFE - Domus Arte

Wooden boiserie / storage wall LIFE - Domus Arte
DOMUS ARTE - I Saloni 2012
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