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Silicone paint

Manufacturer Colorificio San Marco

Acrisyl Line
ACRISYL KP 1,5 is an acrylic-siloxane binder based exterior wall covering that has good water vapour permeability, excellent water repellency and a compact effect. It creates a thick rough layer that is resistant to the effects of the weather. 
Thanks to its particle size curve, it has a filling and masking power that allows you to smooth out the irregularities of the substrate. It provides a finish that is very similar to that of mineral plasters and can be applied where there are aesthetic or surface absorption differences. ACRISYL KP 1,5 is especially indicated for restoration interventions.
Silicone paint ACRISYL KP 1,5 - Colorificio San Marco

Silicone paint ACRISYL KP 1,5 - Colorificio San Marco
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