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LED pendant lamp

Manufacturer Neonny

It is rear to see a large clean circle light in Diameter 2.5 m because of the manufacturing challenges and dimensional limit of transportation,but the demand is quite potential as the large circle light could significantly enhance attraction of the places like hotel lobby,reception area,air port and other huge and important place.Neonny unveiled this new achievement - a complete clean circle LED luminaire in diameter 2500 mm.It is not grouped by a few segments,the fixture comes in a full circle,no assembly required after delivery,LED 260W,around 20,000lm luminaire light output.
Like other Neonny lighting fixture,the large circle luminaire is dust and insect proof too.Neonny offers multiple powder coating color options,about 15 colors. Custom request is encouraged all the time.We listen to your needs and develop solutions.

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LED pendant lamp LARGE CIRCLE LED LIGHT - Neonny

LED pendant lamp LARGE CIRCLE LED LIGHT - Neonny
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