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LORD | Corner wardrobe

Corner lacquered wardrobe

Manufacturer Doimo CityLine

Citynight Collection
Lord is a prestigious line of Doimo Cityline wardrobes with self-supporting sides. The 3.8 cm-thick shelves are available in the same veneers as the construction; the internal elements can be equipped and customized with accessories and chests of drawers.

Doimo Cityline corner unit wardrobe solutions let you furnish difficult spaces in the very best way, with a wardrobe designed to St between two adjacent walls. Doimo Cityline corner unit wardrobes have a practical, wide door so you can get to all the space, which would otherwise be impossible to use. Corner unit wardrobes can be Stted with smooth or framed doors and completed with open or closed end units.

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 - Melamine-faced chipboard wardrobe with sliding doors LORD | Wardrobe with sliding doors - Doimo CityLine Melamine-faced chipboard wardrobe with sliding doors The sliding doors can be smooth or with several sub-panels, veneered, lacquered or glass. The wardrobes are modular and can be built with two, three or four 90 or 120 cm doors. The height of the wardrobe can also be customized, with a choice of three different sizes.
 - Lacquered wardrobe custom LORD | Wardrobe custom - Doimo CityLine Lacquered wardrobe custom Thanks to the unbeatable Aexibility of the Lord system, we can produce wardrobes that follow the natural slope of an attic or stair well, without sacri@cing anything in terms of practicality or elegance.
 - Melamine-faced chipboard wardrobe LORD | Wardrobe - Doimo CityLine Melamine-faced chipboard wardrobe Lord wardrobes with hinged doors represent the perfect Doimo Cityline solution in terms of practicality and modular construction, adapting perfectly to every possible environment. The smooth hinged doors are available in many different coloured veneers, lacquers and Stted with a mirror. Doors with sub-panels and framed doors are also available. The wardrobes have a 2.5 cm-thick veneer. The internal shelves are 3.8 cm thick and, like the back, are available in the same veneer colours as the wardrobe. The outer sides can be lacquered to match the Snish of the doors perfectly.

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Corner lacquered wardrobe LORD | Corner wardrobe - Doimo CityLine

Corner lacquered wardrobe LORD | Corner wardrobe - Doimo CityLine
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