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Single wall-mounted vanity unit

Manufacturer Mobiltesino

Soprano Collection
“like music floating through air“ “soprano“ is a semple interpretation of a style that integrates design into a composition resulting in a totally attractive look. this cult of essentially is hidden within the movement that flows thuogh its forms, syimbolic of an application with advance concept. the fine balance between looks and technique creates a rhythmic effect in the environment, perfect for a superior expressive form of decorating. an object is transformed into a piece of art never seen before. light, harmonious, pure. just like music notes floating trough air.

Single vanity unit made of wood. 

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Single wall-mounted vanity unit S118 - Mobiltesino

Single wall-mounted vanity unit S118 - Mobiltesino
Mobiltesino Innovazione & Tradizione
Intervista Danilo Iannini
Mobiltesino Cersaie di Bologna 2014
Mobiltesino 2012

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