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Plastic Fence

Manufacturer TENAX

TENAX protective plastic garden meshes provide a simple, versatile and colourful solution for a wide range of applications: depending on the size and the colour of the mesh, they can be used as:
Garden fencing, screening mesh, balcony protection, plant and flowers support, wind protection mesh, decorative garden boundary, poultry cages, fencing for small animals, plastic garden delimitation, protection for railings and air vents. 
They are easy to shape and install and are manufactured from recyclable, non-toxic, high quality materials, meaning they can even be used in areas where children play.

It is the most popular mesh size. Generally used in combination with railings, it is available in five different colours to match to any balcony or terrace.

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 - Plastic Fence QUADRA 5 - TENAX Plastic Fence Plastic net finished with full edges on both sides, it is used on balconies, to prevent small objects from falling off.
 - Plastic Fence QUADRA 20 - TENAX Plastic Fence This as a larger mesh size and is ideal for fencing as well as protection. Thicker filaments make this plastic mesh stronger and aesthetically pleasing. It can also be used on the lawn, to protect it from people walking on it.

TENAX Catalogues

Plastic Fence QUADRA 10 - TENAX

Plastic Fence QUADRA 10 - TENAX
Plastic Fence QUADRA 10 - TENAX

Plastic Fence QUADRA 10 - TENAX
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