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Wooden balconies

Wooden balconies

Manufacturer Alpilegno

Balconies Line
From traditional to contemporary styles, easily personalised with a large range of finishes and colours, Alpilegno produces wooden balconies suitable for all types of homes, using top quality wood.
The Remmers paint finish ensures protection of the wood with three coats of resin: the first to protect against deterioration of the base, the second to waterproof the layer and the third to protect against harmful sunlight and water.
The company uses a certified fixing system, using stainless steel brackets, to ensure optimal stability of the parapet and ensure a high level of safety for the entire structure.
Alpilegno balconies do not require maintenance and remain unchanged over time.

Alpilegno Catalogues

Wooden balconies Wooden balconies - Alpilegno

Wooden balconies Wooden balconies - Alpilegno
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