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Fabric for curtains

Manufacturer Zimmer + Rohde

Yorkshire Collection
Stately homes and Coastal retreats to welcome family, friends and guests with an emphasis on the refined art of entertaining is the genesis for the Travers 2015 Yorkshire collection. The nuances of the collection are showcased through the re-interpretation of archival documents, exquisite embroideries, sumptuous textures and mood setting color palettes. The Yorkshire collection consists of Savannah, Yorkshire, and Velvets & Damasks to enliven your interior. Savannah captures the charm of southern cities to coastal living with designs that compliment their environments. A sea of neutrals that are highlighted by hues of coral, raspberry, aqua, turquoise and the array of blues that Travers is known for will embrace your surroundings. Yorkshire designs are synonymous with tradition and include, classic block prints, a glazed linen Toile and hand appliqued embroideries. Offered in rich tones of sapphire blue, avocado, celadon, stone and silver. Velvets & Damasks is inspired by jacquard velvets ranging from geometrics to an old world inspired strie velvet. Wonderful brocades and documentary damask have been updated for a modern feel with a unique interpretation. These sophisticated designs will become a welcome design tool in the Travers library. Embrace the beauty of your surroundings with the Travers 2015 Yorkshire experience.

— This silk quality is a classic brocade construction usually seen with styled damask patterns.
— The Asian tiger, clouds and lantern motifs interpreted as a brocade give it a unique element.
— The design was created in the studio taking inspiration from animal themes.
— Through the colour selections employed, Brocade Tiger’s formality is a nice complement to Chinoiserie prints.
Brocade Tiger | 44084
3 Colourways
40% Linen, 38% Cotton, 22% Silk
140 cm | 55.12 inch

Zimmer + Rohde Catalogues

Fabric for curtains BROCADE TIGER - Zimmer + Rohde

Fabric for curtains BROCADE TIGER - Zimmer + Rohde
Fabric for curtains BROCADE TIGER - Zimmer + Rohde

Fabric for curtains BROCADE TIGER - Zimmer + Rohde
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