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Reinforcing mesh

Manufacturer Seico Compositi

Frp composites Collection
Fibrous reinforcing systems - A full range of composite materials made from high-strength fibres with superior mechanical resistance used in conjunction with specific matrices for strengthening and adjusting static and seismic structures in normal and pre-stressed reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wood. The fibres used for the production of composite materials are glass, carbon and basalt. Finally, the fact that it is possible to adapt the working direction of the direction reinforcement (creating fabrics with variable fibre orientation and arrangement according to project requirements) means that it is extremely useful in many types of installation. The products from the specifically designed lines NASTRO UD- QD- CARBONET-BASALNET belong to this category.

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Reinforcing mesh BASALNET - Seico Compositi

Reinforcing mesh BASALNET - Seico Compositi
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