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Manufacturer Seico Compositi

Primers & FRP Collection
Primers and FRP resin matrices - We have a full range of solvent-free epoxy polymer resins and materials that exhibit high mechanical strength, fluidity and impregnation properties. This series of products has been specially formulated for the preparation of substrates, bonding and/or both dry and wet lamination of fibrous fabrics of various kinds (carbon, glass, basalt and aramid) on reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and wood surfaces. The products from the specifically designed lines EPONASTRO, EPOFLUID and EPOPRIMER belong to this category and together with the reinforcement systems NASTRO UD, CARBONET, BASALNET and NASTRO QD they contribute to the certification of the reinforcement system.

Seico Compositi Catalogues

Primer EPOPRIMER - Seico Compositi

Primer EPOPRIMER - Seico Compositi
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