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Camaleo Collection
Just as the chameleon changes colour according to its emotions, Camaleo changes appearance according to your desires. It’s easy with quick-assembly elements in trendy colours and a never-ending choice of textile accessories provided by the Twils range of upholstery and covers.And of course a soupçon of your imagination.
First of all, a bed base. Then a mattress, a headboard and the other functional elements. Then there is the material: brightly coloured, padded, shaped, accessorised…
To cater to everyone’s personal needs and aesthetic preferences the possibilities become infinite: Camaleo can be developed, changed and transformed when and how we want.
Once the frame has been chosen and mounted you are free to add other personal touches with highly practical textile components designed in relation to their function and therefore absolutely practical.A few simple actions and the bed is ready to use.The basic elements are in wood and metal: Camaleo is ecologically-minded, just like you.
Once you’ve chosen the colour of the frame and the type of textile finish for the headboard (smooth, slatted style, padded) you have your very own Camaleo.
But it doesn’t finish there, because the personalisation continues with the linen, cushions and accessories through to the final result: a brightly coloured or plain bed, with a gentle or ascetic outline, which fits fantastically into your home because you yourself have created it.

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 - Trundle single bed CAMALEO | Trundle bed - Twils Trundle single bed The (Pull-Out) “Camaleo estraibile” was born to complete the collection and satisfy the customer’s every need. Conceived for the living area or children’s room, it is simple, linear and fulfills several functions. Like a chameleon it transforms quickly into two comfortable beds and is available in a wide range of fabrics and colors.
The top part is built like the traditional Camaleo with multilayer beech wood staves and steel tubing (available in the four standard colors). The central support bar of the metal structure is positioned so that it is easily and sturdily fastened to the wooden structure.
The pull-out bed is made like a box spring, with a perforated 30 mm multilayer beech-wood base and 40 density Aquatech foam mattress; and it has a removable cover that can be washed at 60°C (140°F).
Thanks to Twils’ experience in the culture of sleeping well, all these features make the second bed perfect for a good rest.
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Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils

Single bed # 06 CAMALEO - Twils
Twils Camaleo
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