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Plastic Structure in special material

Manufacturer Seico Compositi

Fibreglass structural profiles GRP - The GRP Product Line (fibreglass reinforced plastics), provides high quality composite structures with superior mechanical performance. We provide a range of profile sections (C, H, IPE, etc.). The advantages of fibreglass GRP are that it has a high strength/weight ratio, it does not soften in heat, is light weight with dimensional stability and is both easy to install and adaptable. The other features of this composite such as its corrosion resistance, non-magnetism, electrical isolation and the lack of any need for maintenance, mean it can be used in a wide variety of applications, even in unfavourable conditions (chemical industries, aggressive environments, marine environments). The fact that it can be used for mezzanines, door frames, roof frameworks, bridges, etc. make it an innovative material of fundamental importance for contemporary building work , especially for restoration.

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Plastic Structure in special material PROFILE GFRV - Seico Compositi

Plastic Structure in special material PROFILE GFRV - Seico Compositi
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