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Fibex panel shutter

Manufacturer Agostinigroup

Fibex shutters and blinds are suitable for every type of housing to satisfy even the most extreme market requests. Produced in a wide array of laminated colours with acrylic film, they can be integrated with PVC, wood and aluminium doors and windows to satisfy all technical and aesthetic needs. Fibex has a complete range of shutters, from “Standard” closures, to “Padovana”-style ones, to “Vicentina” and “Book”-style ones as well.

“Vicentina”-style shutters, typical of the historical homes of the area around Vicenza, are installed near the external wall and fold-up like a book in 2 modules per sash internally on the side of the wall. The open sashes can be hidden behind a wall contour thereby keeping the façade of the house always clear whether the shutter is open or closed.
Fibex panel shutter VICENTINA - Agostinigroup

Fibex panel shutter VICENTINA - Agostinigroup
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