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Fibex panel shutter

Manufacturer Agostinigroup

Fibex shutters and blinds are suitable for every type of housing to satisfy even the most extreme market requests. Produced in a wide array of laminated colours with acrylic film, they can be integrated with PVC, wood and aluminium doors and windows to satisfy all technical and aesthetic needs. Fibex has a complete range of shutters, from “Standard” closures, to “Padovana”-style ones, to “Vicentina” and “Book”-style ones as well.

“Padovana”-style shutters with clean and elegant lines have articulated sashes on the side of the wall. It’s typical of the area around Padua, especially in the Venetian Villas of the Riviera del Brenta.
Fibex panel shutter PADOVANA - Agostinigroup

Fibex panel shutter PADOVANA - Agostinigroup
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