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Elm boiserie

Elm boiserie

Manufacturer GARBELOTTO

Boiserie Collection
All the floors' lines from the brands Garbelotto and Master floor can be utilized as covering for walls, roofs and why not, decor components. In this way a continuum can be created between the floor and its surroundings, with the possibility to maintain the same wooden species. The result will be of big impact and character, thanks also to 999 combinations, which are the result of different lines, colors, inlay or finishing treatments. This creative compositions allows you to forge spaces with refined and innovative accents. Effects that can be multiplied on every desired surface. Boiseries are decorations that provide wall coverage with wood paneling. Even today, they enriched environments turning walls into actual design elements that give a stylish sense of continuity between wooden floors and surfaces that surround them. Master Floor and wall panels Garbelotto are made with the same floor finishing to create a great impact environment, thanks to the endless combinations of colors, treatments and finishing that our lines enable. The wide variety available will make the choice of flooring and paneling of a stimulating creative exercise with refined and innovative accents that add to any room. The ability to play with various wood surfaces and flooring will multiply the scenic effect in every room. And, why not, even outside.

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Elm boiserie Elm boiserie - GARBELOTTO

Elm boiserie Elm boiserie - GARBELOTTO
CERSAIE 2016 - Garbelotto - Renza Altoè Garbelotto
Parchettificio Garbelotto e Master Floor
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