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PHT DKS | Iron window handle

Iron window handle with lock

Manufacturer Dauby

Pure Collection
The Pure line from Dauby was born of simple, austere models that have their origin in the Bauhaus. It is a creature of the beginning of the Avant – Garde, witness of a period when the term design still had to begin its upward progress.

In the PURE collection of door and furniture fittings they take on a second life. Their clean lines are matched to natural materials such as White Bronze and an alloy. Each product is carefully cast in sand moulds, a traditional European method dating from the time of Tartessians, +/- 3000 years befor Christ. The first traders in cast metals such as bronze, silver and copper reached us from the city of Tartessos is south – eastern Spain. The original sand cast method is still employed to make every item in the PURE collection. This endows the PURE line with an authentic and above all timeless character that distances it from everyday mass products. Every item is made by a craftsman with a love of his trade and acquires a natural, evermore beautiful patina with time. The older it is, the more valuable the product will look.

PHT DKS is a high-quality window-handle from our collection Retro.

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Iron window handle with lock PHT DKS | Iron window handle - Dauby

Iron window handle with lock PHT DKS | Iron window handle - Dauby
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