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Packed springs cashmere mattress

Manufacturer Treca Interiors Paris

Platinum Collection
The Platinum Essentiel line offers 4 bed sets with mattresses using an asymmetrical suspension system with different characteristics on winter and summer sides, giving optimal comfort for each season. Cashmere, silk, Talalay, bamboo fibre and camel hair used as lining materials in these mattresses and mattress toppers maximize the desired warmth or freshness.

In additional to the fine raw materials, Platinum Essentiel mattresses innovate with a new concept of asymmetrical double suspension extending over the entire sleeping surface. Particularly supple suspension on the winter side allows you to sink more deeply into the bed and to profit fully from the warmth of the layers of camel hair, cashmere or silk. Firmer support on the summer side permits you to float on the surface and feel all the benefits of the freshness of the bamboo fibre, linen or silk.
Interior tufting, hand sewn vertical links between the sleeping surfaces, keeps the mattress in shape over a long lifespan. This line also features refined finishing touches : lifting handles embroidered "Platinum Collection" and the model name embroidered on the sleeping surfaces. Its ticking in bamboo viscose is exclusive to the Essentiel and Inital lines.

33 cm - Comfort supple
Summer side materials
Silk, linen and cotton
Winter side materials
Cashmere, silk and wool  - Sleep like a sultan ! On the Silk Road, Essentiel Samarkand allows you to snuggle down into incomparably cosy warmth and softness, thanks to its linings of silk and microfibres, both yielding and crush resistant. We recommend using this model with a Platinum Samarkand mattress topper and a Platinum Grand Confort bed base for a thousand and one even more voluptuous nights.

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 - Packed springs cashmere mattress ESSENTIEL CACHEMIRE - Treca Interiors Paris Packed springs cashmere mattress Thickness
33 cm - Comfort extra soft
Summer side materials
Linen and Talalay
Winter side materials
Cashmere and Talalay - With Essentiel Cachemire, if you desire extra yielding support offering particularly snug comfort in winter, you will adore the sensation of sophisticated refinement procured by a generous layer of cashmere wool. During hot summer nights, you will appreciate the refreshing effect of linen, a natural fibre prized since antiquity for the elegance of authentic luxury. For supremely soft comfort, combine this mattress with the Cachemire mattress topper and the Platinum Grand-Confort bed base.
 - Cashmere mattress ESSENTIEL YEARLING - Treca Interiors Paris Cashmere mattress Thickness
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Summer side materials
Linen, horse hair and wool
Winter side materials
Cashmere, horse hair and wool - With Essentiel Yearling, benefit from the luxury of the Platinum collection while enjoying your preferred firm support, resulting from stuffing made of horsehair and wool, natural materials offering unrivalled crush resistance. The feel of the bed remains soft and luxurious on the winter side, thanks to the cashmere lining, and cool on the summer side, due to the linen lining. Essentiel Yearling is ideally paired with a mattress topper of the same name and a Platinum Extra Firm bed base for those who like it firm, very firm !
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33 cm
Summer side materials
Bamboo viscose
Winter side materials
Camel hair - The comfort of Essentiel Premier is suggested by the mere sight of its generous and tempting volume. It offers you firm yet cosy comfort that will win you over the first time you try it. You can add the Platinum Premier mattress topper and the Platinum Extra Firm bed base to compose a perfectly balanced triptych.
Packed springs cashmere mattress ESSENTIEL SAMARKAND - Treca Interiors Paris

Packed springs cashmere mattress ESSENTIEL SAMARKAND - Treca Interiors Paris
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