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Leather footstool / stool

Manufacturer YOMEI

The Q stool is the perfect complement to Ms Moneypenny. The Q stool is availbale in 2 different versions, as a stool with seat pad only or with an additional low back. Various colours in leather and mircofi ber fabric are available.
Dimension: 57 x 47 / 64 x 42 cm ( B x H x T ).

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 - Secretary desk for children's bedroom MS MONEYPENNY - YOMEI Secretary desk for children's bedroom Ms Moneypenny

Ms Moneypenny is a sequel of the time-honoured Biedermeier desk. Traditions and values going back to the “good old times” are coupled with advanced technology and adjusted to modern requirements. Innovative high-tech processing methods, the use of exceptional materials and the combination of round and square forms make this secretary into a functional unit. The characteristics feature of this desk is a round, fan-shaped hood made of leather and metal. The entire surface is made of leather; small appliqués made of stainless steel enliven the surface and provide optical highlights which are additionally emphasised by the indirect lighting.

Elegance, incredibly attention to detail, and the sophisticated line work underline Yomei’s reputation of being a clockmaker among the providers of furniture. The design leaves nothing to be desired: three stainless steel drawers, one hidden compartment, an extendible leather shelf and the well-established cabling accessories plus a multiple socket and the lighting already mentioned make this piece of furniture into a high-end home office arrangement. A useful and aesthetically fitting supplement, seat “Q” is offered in 2 different styles.

Thanks to its slim dimensions (87 x 94 x 48 cm (W x H x D), this desk is suitable for use in almost any living situation and gives a room its “character”.  

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Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI

Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI
Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI

Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI
Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI

Leather footstool / stool Q - YOMEI
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