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Pre-mixed structural concrete

Manufacturer Bernardelli Group

CLS eco is a pre-dosed product in polyethylene bags containing in separate sections a mixture of silico-calcareous aggregates in 3 granulometric classes, Portland cement and superplasticizer additives, with which by adding the quantity of water indicated in the technical data sheet it is possible to pack Rck 30 N/mm2 on the site in conformity with the EN 206:2014 and UNI 11140 standards (instructions for the application of the EN 206-1 in Italy) 
CLS eco is used for the construction of structural castings such as footings, foundations, beams, columns, composite slab, etc., indicated also for structures with exposed façade walls, floors, stairs, etc.
Packaging: polyethylene bags of 25 kg

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Pre-mixed structural concrete CLS ECO - Bernardelli Group

Pre-mixed structural concrete CLS ECO - Bernardelli Group
Bernardelli group
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