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Panel for facade

Manufacturer Elval Colour

etalbond® is a self supporting panel with exceptional flatness, high strength and low weight. This plain but extremely flexible material is ideal for adding an architectural elegance and an attractive design in low and high rising buildings, canopies, fascias, roof edges and building interiors.
One of the most important factors in modern building is safety. With international standards becoming increasingly demanding with regard to the safety of citizens, companies are required to develop products complying with recent safety specifications.
etalbond® fr, due to its mineral core, meets the stricter requirements of the fire classifications.
It is hardly inflammable, while maintaining all the important characteristics of normal etalbond®, such as resistance to weather, flatness and simple forming techniques.

Further details

etalbond® fr has acquired the following certifications:
Also, etalbond® fr avails the following approvals:
Panel for facade ETALBOND FR® - Elval Colour

Panel for facade ETALBOND FR® - Elval Colour
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