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Anchorage system and profile for a facade

Manufacturer Elval Colour

Ventilated systems are based on the principle of natural ventilation which is achieved through an air gap opening of 4 to 8 cm between the façade material and the thermal insulation and ensure high energy efficiency, increased fire resistance, natural ventilation and minimization of water permeability.
BRAVO is a slick back ventilated system designed for quick and easy installation and maintenance of etalbond® panels reducing the overall cost of the building cladding.
BRAVO has been properly dimensioned to withstand stresses and wind loads anticipated on a regular building.
The back ventilated cavity that is formed between the façade cladding and the external building wall or the insulation layer prevents rainwater from entering while it diffuses water vapor from the inside to the outside.
BRAVO is an energy efficient system by design as it utilizes effectively the chimney effect and protects the building walls from overheating during hot summer sessions while it offers thermal insulation and comfort during winter time.
BRAVO combines properly the system main profile with numerous L-shaped mounting wall brackets for easy and lasting fixings while ensures perfect alignment of the façade material.
The application of the etalbond® façade cladding combined with the BRAVO fixing system offers the advantage of ultimate flexibility as it can follow the contour of any design, shaping and curvature to achieve the desired effect.
Anchorage system and profile for a facade BRAVO - Elval Colour

Anchorage system and profile for a facade BRAVO - Elval Colour
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