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Metal sheet and panel for roof

Manufacturer Elval Colour

etalbond® light is a sandwich type aluminium composite panel, designed and developed to meet the contemporary demands of visual communication, decoration and other various applications, where imagination, ingenuity, innovation and especially aesthetics play an important role.
Panels are produced using two aluminium sheets of 0.3mm thickness with a LDPE core, resulting in a total thickness of 2, 3, or 4mm. One side is coated with high resistance polyester and protected with a transparent film. The other side is coated with a primer coating suitable and compatible for further painting operations.

Further details

• High rigidity
• Extremely flat
• Light weight (3.85 kg/m2)
• Does not corrode
• High finish polyester coating
• Suitable for printing
• Available in a variety of sizes and colours (see Technical Data Sheet and Colour Chart)
• Simple to process even with conventional/light equipment of hand tools
• Easy to fabricate (bending/folding)
• Environment friendly – no pollution is caused
etalbond® light is currently being used in the following areas:
• Signage
• Silk-screen and digital printing industry
• Outdoor advertising
• Exhibition areas (as stands and room partitions)
• Bus stops
• Gas stations
• Decoration material
• Shelter against weathering
• False-ceilings
• Elevator/stair-well facings
• As lighting fixtures
• Promotional presentations
• Indoor cladding
Metal sheet and panel for roof ETALBOND® LIGHT - Elval Colour

Metal sheet and panel for roof ETALBOND® LIGHT - Elval Colour
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