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Transparent varnish

Manufacturer Elval Colour

These fluoropolymers react with the surfaces to create a low surface energy coating that is not easily wetted out with liquids. The treatment is stable and cannot be removed except by harsh abrasive cleaners or reagents, such as a very strong base.
ELVAL COLOUR applied coating for ELVAL COLOUR products that deters dust and pollution particles to bond on the surface, reduces the surface energy, thus creating a hydrophilic surface that assist the washing away of dirt particles.

• High weathering resistance
• Soils and liquids tend to “slide off” surfaces treated with Arypon coatings, helping to prevent build-up and extend the time between cleanings
• High Gloss
• Resists Stains
• No need for agressinve cleaners

Further details

Transparent varnish ARYPON® - Elval Colour

Transparent varnish ARYPON® - Elval Colour
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