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Phosphorescent Coating

Protective varnish

Manufacturer Elval Colour

A specially developed innovative highly durable polyurethane coating that glows intensively when it gets dark. Useful for highly crowded places, such as conference rooms, corridors, staircases. When the lights go out, the room is lit intensively for a short period of time avoiding outbreaks of panic.
A special coating with unique non‐toxic pigmentation applied by our factory to all ELVAL COLOUR products. It absorbs energy from natural or artificial light, and re‐emits it in the dark in the form of phosphorescent light. This gives the product a tint close to Papyrus White (RAL 9018) in natural light, and an intense photoluminescent aspect in the dark.
ELVAL COLOUR phosphorescent coatings function with no energy supply other than light and assure an optimal effect after just 60 minutes exposure to natural or artificial light.
Protective varnish Phosphorescent Coating - Elval Colour

Protective varnish Phosphorescent Coating - Elval Colour
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