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Mixing and pump unit for radiant systems

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

UNIMIX-C is a regulation unit designed to adjust the temperature of water coming from the generator to a value suitable for the distribution in radiant circuits. The main functions are made by just two components: mixing, pumping and temperature monitoring. Mixing is performed within a three-way valve that can be adjusted by fixed-point or weather-compensated control.
Distribution manifolds and filling/draining, air-venting and safety accessories complete radiant system management.
Furthermore, a direct circuit can be added upstream of the mixing valve thanks to a dedicated manifold kit, that can be chosen either in plain version or equipped with isolation valves.
Molded insulation shells are available for all UNIMIX-C components, which makes the system suitable to heating and cooling applications.

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 - Radiant floor panel UNIMIX - I.V.A.R. Radiant floor panel Regulation and booster group UNIMIX is a highly-customisable station combining all the necessary features in a compact  and easy-to-install module. The base kit of UNIMIX family is equipped with pump housing, mixing valve suitable to thermostatic control featuring primary by-pass for boiler fluid recirculation and mixing optimisation through secondary by-pass. A thermomanometer, two thermometers, an automatic air-vent valve. fill/drain taps and shut-off ball valves for pump and circuits complete the group.

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Mixing and pump unit for radiant systems UNIMIX C - I.V.A.R.

Mixing and pump unit for radiant systems UNIMIX C - I.V.A.R.
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