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Modular boiler distribution system

Manufacturer I.V.A.R.

MULTIMIX-C allows to pump working fluid to different zones at different temperatures by distribution/booster kits, made independent by pressure equaliser. Component modularity and the extremely reduced size make MULTIMIX-C suitable to installation under boiler, even in narrow spaces.

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 - Control system for air conditioning system MULTIMIX - I.V.A.R. Control system for air conditioning system The diversification of uses often crashes against the need for concentrating the hydraulic system components and controls in a single dedicated area: in this respect, the mechanical room is at the same time the heart and the brain of the building, a room to design in the light of the needs and of the user preferences over twelve months.
IVAR substations allow to arrange the mechanical room according to a new concept of space and functionality. These groups give the opportunity to manage multiple thermal zones with different characteristics as truly independent zones in a neat, rational space, thanks to their modular structure and outstanding installation flexibility. 
MULTIMIX substation is suitable to mid-size thermal power plants. MULTIMIX allows to pump heating fluid to different heating zones at different temperatures by independent distribution/booster kits, available with or without mixing valve and equipped with electronic circulator pumps, besides featuring all the necessary monitoring, safety and shut-off accessories. The mixing valve in low-temperature kits can be operated by thermostatic head with remote immersion probe or axial servomotor piloted by electronic controller.

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Modular boiler distribution system MULTIMIX C - I.V.A.R.

Modular boiler distribution system MULTIMIX C - I.V.A.R.
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